The Christopher Mensch Foundation is a non-profit 501c organization operated by the Nawalinski Family and close friends.  The foundation originated in 1994 to raise funds for the Mensch Family to construct a handicap equipped bedroom and bathroom for their son Christopher.  Patricia (Nawalinski) Mensch’s son had been severely handicapped since he was 6 months old.  Despite this, Christopher managed to touch all our lives in a way we could never imagine.  Sadly, Christopher passed away at the age of 12 in February, 1997.  Through the foundation’s work, his smile continues to shine by helping others.

Our foundation events provide an opportunity for local businesses and residents to pull together in an effort to raise money for families of handicapped children in Bucks County.  These funds are utilized to provide the foundation’s recipients with much needed assistance performing everyday tasks that most people take for granted.

It is an organization that allows those who donate their time, money and professional expertise the ability to see the results of their own generosity within their own community and with families they might call their neighbor, friend, or own family.

Your support and generosity is truly appreciated.